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VacantZs & Fantastic Z's and where to find them

Daytime Event: - Fantastic Z's and where to find them.

Overnight Event: - VacantZs

The Story

No one expected this to ever happen. You see it in movies. You plan it as a joke with friends. But nothing can prepare you for the next few hours of your life.

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Not a good one, however. It’s April 2024. The world is dying. Humanity is going to the dogs. With all the safe houses over run the living will stop at nothing to find safety.

Communities across the globe have formed. Some bad. Some good. But where will you end up on the search for a place to call ‘home’?

Good Luck!

Dates and Times

Daytime: Tues 11/04/17 - Weds 12/04/17 - Thurs 13/04/17

Overnight: Fri 14/04/17 - Sat 15/04/17 - Sun 16/04/17




You are a team of carefully selected epidemiologists (Scientists who study the spread of diseases). You have been called in at the last minute to identify what is causing a new disease to spread rapidly through Devon. Symptoms of the disease include DNA mutation, irritable violent behaviour, increased sense of sound and smell and rapid movements.

You have gained insight that a scientist named Dr X has been studying some victims closely at a nearby safe house called ‘The Sanctuary’ and could provide you with essential information to help you and your team help find a cure.

You must go at once to the safe house and gather as much information as possible. The place is crawling with military personnel they are very hostile. They will most likely deny you entry. Your only way in is to be arrested and held for questioning but once you’re in, you must find a way to complete your objectives and escape.

Dates and Times

Sat 12/11/16 & Fri 13/11/16